HUSHED – SCORES of the New Lullaby Project Anthology, Volume 2

from Aaron Larget-Caplan

Sheet Music

Music of the New Lullaby Project, Volume Two
Sixteen 21st-century works for solo guitar.
Commissioned, curated, and edited by Aaron Larget-Caplan

Published by the American Composers Alliance In association with ALC Music Publishing.

3 Francine Trester Lullaby for Our Time
5 Anthony R. Green Counting Backwards
9 Charles Turner White Potatoes
12 Stefanie Lubkowski Drifting
17 Garrett Ian Shatzer Lullaby for D---
20 Ken Ueno Ed è Subito Sera
26 Jim Dalton A World of Your Own
30 Jacob Mashak Lulubye
32 John McDonald Upward
34 Martin Max Schreiner A Lullaby in Restless Times
37 Thomas Schuttenhelm Wiegenlied (Cradle Song)
40 Lynn Job The Sixth Night
43 Jonathan Feist No Time & Leaky Roof
47 Nolan Stolz Lullaby for Sam
50 Roger Éon Berceuse

There are lullabies born from a poem (Dalton/Shatzer/Ueno), a story (Éon), and from a musical (Turner). There is Adam and Eve’s first lullaby (Job), one written during a lecture (McDonald), and another was inspired by a leaky roof (Feist). Some soothe us steadily (Schuttenhelm), while we drift between worlds as our heads nod off (Lubkowski/Green). A couple acknowledge the struggles of our time (Schreiner/Trester), and others offer touches of love and hope (Feist/Stolz). Some lullabies reflect humanity, others testify to a memory and affirmation of a time passed by, while a gorgeous 12-tone lullaby (Mashak) sits quietly to be discovered.

Though they lean tonal, the compositional languages vary greatly. Except for a few pieces, the tuning remains mostly standard, but one does asks that you tune on the fly. There are string pulls and some technical challenges, but don’t worry, harmonics of all types abound. My hope is that you will create your own relationships with the music, so I have not added fingerings. Those that do include fingerings or string directions are by the composer.

For Recordings (all compositions are recorded):
New Lullaby
The Legend of Hagoromo (Ueno)
Nights Transfigured

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Aaron Larget-Caplan Boston, Massachusetts

Aaron Larget-Caplan – has premiered over 85 compositions, and directs and curates the New Lullaby Project and ¡Con Fuego!
His arrangements and recording of the music of JOHN CAGE are issued by Edition Peters and Stone Records are the first to be sanctioned by the estate.
He has 8 solo albums, and the first of his own compositions ‘honey cadence’ was released in April 2022.
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